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Human Trafficking Overview and Roundtable
The Who/What/When/Where/Why and How of Strategic missions throughout the world. Following opening remarks by each panelist. Students will have ample time for Q&A. Bring your questions. (Conference Events Only)

An important part of fighting human trafficking is surveillance of the “opposition.” This course will offer you the basics with regard to surveillance of others and what to do if you become the “target.”

Operating in Foreign Environments
Whether you are operating overseas, working in the “Hood,” or in suburbia there are actions you can take to help you fit in any environment. You must be prepared to work your cover story from the moment you leave your home to

Personal and Group Security
Whether working the streets, the safe house or traveling in the US or abroad today there is no place that can be called completely safe and secure. This class will provide you with the basic skills needed to become more confident and secure in most any environment.

Human Trafficking Detection
What are the signs of human trafficking? What are the indications that you have come in contact with a trafficking victim? This course will prepare you to see what you have previously been blind to in your community.

Wilderness Survival Skills and Food/Water Assessment
The greatest humanitarian and ministry opportunities often take place in very remote and wilderness environments. Being prepared can be the difference between life and death.

Understanding Islam
Very few Christians understand the history, traditions and faith practices of Islam. This block of instruction will help you get to know the social, spiritual, political realities and even dangers encountered when working in a Muslim country.

Surviving Interrogation/Hostage Situations & International Travel
Interrogation can come in many forms from subtle discussions with customs and passport officials at an international airport to significant encounters with police and security officials in various countries. American’s doing missions work abroad are high value targets for those seeking to take hostages or kidnap victims.

Emergency Field Medicine & First Aid
Humanitarian disasters are usually short of trained medical professionals to help victims of the tragedy much less for aid workers. Land mines, gunshot wounds, suicide bombers and IED’s can affect the local population and team members alike. Our instructor will teach you the first aid techniques you need to know to provide emergency first aid when the worst happens.

Overall Mission Preparation/ Individual & Mission Medical Prep
No successful ever mission gets off the ground without extensive logistical preparation. Transportation, food, lodging and medical are important issues which must be address before the first plane ticket is purchased. This block of instruction will teach you multiple aspects of mission prep for the individual and the group.

Diseases, Illnesses and Injuries Encountered in the Field
No matter where in the world you travel, whether it be you, a team member or among the local population one thing is certain, eventually you will encounter disease, illness or injury. This class will familiarize you with some of the medical issues you and your team might face in the mission field.

Self Defense
To protect yourself on the streets when you travel or even in a safe house environment you must remain alert and vigilant at all times, but even then there are those occasions when circumstances beyond your control require you to defend your life or the life of another. This class is taught by very seasoned operators with a great deal of experience in self-defense and travel to dangerous locations around the world.

Situational Awareness / Psychology of Survival
While there was no hope for rescue of many individuals, the stories of numerous people who escaped the attack on the Twin Towers on 9-11 have one thing in common. The survivors acted immediately upon their concerns as the situation unfolded. People who were indecisive or debated the issue are today among the dead. When you operate internationally you must be prepared mentally for anything to happen at any time and be ready to act instantaneously. This class will prepare you to be a survivor when the worst happens.

Psychology of a Human Trafficking Victim (Post Rescue)
Human trafficking victims are in a very unique place psychologically as opposed to most any other kind of victim of crime. Knowing how to interact with them, gain their trust and begin their long road to recovery is essential to the success of your work.

Safe House/Rescue Facility Operations Overview
Anyone who has ever worked at a Safe House/Rescue Facility or built one from scratch has made mistakes. The best way to avoid making too many mistakes is to learn from the mistakes of others and hear from competent professionals who are running successful Safe House/Rescue Facilities. This course will entertain and inform.