EST. 2007

We are the Mercy Movement!

Every city and small town in America has its secrets. Scratch the surface and you’ll find the hidden world of America’s Modern Slave Trade.

The Mercy Movement is a clandestine cell system comprised of highly trained like-minded individuals. All dedicated to laying their lives on the line to rescue victims of human trafficking.

On a constant basis we are contacted by a concerned family member, friend, or organization about an individual who is being trafficked. Using human assets around the U.S. we launch an operation to rescue the victim, bringing us face-to-face with a lawless underworld made up of local, national and international organized crime, a nasty place very few people ever get to see.


Arrive in silence...Leave Like Thunder

"I’m not looking for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts here. I need people who have that sort of “moral flexibility” allowing them to do dirty deeds in the name of “Freeing slaves” and then go quietly home to their normal lives."

-Charles Powell


We are currently Training a new cadre of men and women to join us as part of a rescue and ex-filtration teams. This process begins by an individual or group attending a Mercy Movement training event. We also offer Awareness events to teach your church or civic group how to spot and combat human trafficking in your community.


Once we are made aware of a potential trafficking victim we ask ourselves “Do we have any human assets available in that city who could check this out for us?" People whom we have trained or those with previous trade-craft skills to help us evaluate the veracity of the claim. Once we verify that there is a victim who wants to leave their trafficker we then make a plan of rescue.


Presently we use a core of individuals from across the U.S. to undertake rescues who have military, police or field intelligence experience. In short... they are people who come to us with a great deal of previous experience in dangerous operational situations, but we are looking to train people with little or no experience to join us or begin a group in their own city or town. You might be the candidate for whom we are looking!