Mercy Movement – Mission Statement

The Mercy Movement is dedicated to seeking solutions to humanitarian crises as they occur within the United States and internationally. We seek solutions through action-oriented research, education, and direct intervention when it is deemed necessary.

We Value . . .

  • Prayer . . . without it we will perish as we travel through evil places
  • Seeking intelligence on human trafficking in the U.S. and internationally
  • Working with other groups who are also fighting this problem
  • Rescuing slaves and helping them through recovery
  • Going into a dark world far beyond the suburbs and polite conversation
  • Donations from individuals, churches and corporations underwrite our efforts
  • Seeking opportunities to bring attention to our cause

We Believe That . . .

  • Those who value God, also value social justice causes
  • Saving just one person from slavery is worth any financial and almost any human cost
  • Presently American society is peacefully co-existing with human trafficking and slavery, mostly unaware of its presence
  • Sexual exploitation in any form is a crime which claims two victims
  • We cannot rely upon laws or law enforcement, politicians or governments alone to end slavery… individuals have a part to play.
  • Human trafficking and slavery will not end until common people rise up against it their communities.

Our Founder

CHARLES J. POWELL is a social justice activist, film producer, conference speaker, and founder of Mercy Movement, a grassroots movement to abolish human trafficking and slavery. Over the past three decades Charles has been trained in counterterrorism and police investigation, worked as a bodyguard for royalty, and lived undercover during the war on drugs. He now uses his unique background to investigate and stop modern slavery in the US and beyond. Powell lives in Northeast Georgia.

Additional Staff

Dillon BurroughsDILLON BURROUGHS is an Outreach award-nominated writer, founding board member, and research fellow for Mercy Movement. Author of numerous books on faith and social justice issues, he serves as a leading voice in the contemporary abolitionist movement. Dillon lives near Atlanta, Georgia with his wife and children. For more, visit readdB.com.